With the acceleration of the pace of social development and the continuous division of labor in production and operation, this also provides conditions for centrifugal fans to obtain a broader market space. Centrifugal fans play an important role in various industries such as kilns, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. So as a special mechanical equipment, how to ensure the safety in operation? It is imperative to realize the standardization of operation and standardize the work behavior of post personnel. Next, the editor will take you to understand the safe operation rules of centrifugal fans.

Safety operating procedures for centrifugal fans


1. Wear protective equipment

The basic protective equipment for fan operators includes safety helmets, safety shoes, labor protection clothing, earplugs, etc., which should be stored in special cabinets; the protective equipment should be neatly dressed before operating or maintaining the equipment, and should be replaced immediately if any damage is found.

2. Operating procedures for starting the centrifugal fan


(1) Inspection and preparation before start-up

Check whether there are obstacles around the fan, whether the anchor bolts are loose, whether the inlet baffle is closed, whether the motor grounding wire is good, whether the wheel cover is fastened, whether the fan inspection door and observation hole are well sealed; confirm whether the fan lubrication system and circulating water Whether the system is normal, whether the adjustment valve is flexible, whether the cranking is jammed; prepare the necessary driving tools such as valve hooks.

(2) Start-up operation steps

Do a test to confirm whether the steering is correct; start the fan motor, slowly open the inlet baffle to the required opening (adjust the air volume); if it is equipped with a frequency converter, adjust the air volume and air pressure through the speed, and adjust the frequency to the value specified by the process.

3. Safety operating procedures for centrifugal fans in operation

Ensure that the fan has no air leakage, good lubrication, no abnormal noise, vibration, overheating and other phenomena; it is strictly forbidden to touch the running part of the fan or open the observation door. In the event of an emergency such as mechanical injury, the energy should be isolated first to prevent secondary injury, and then handled according to the situation.

4. Maintenance and repair safety operation procedures

When maintaining and overhauling the equipment, it is necessary to go through the power outage procedures and lock it out, press the emergency stop and zero position on the spot; only after the relevant work permit can be entered into the fan operation; after the overhaul operation is completed, clean the site and close the inspection door.

5. Safety operation rules for centrifugal fan shutdown

When stopping, first slowly close the inlet baffle (or reduce the frequency of the inverter to 0), then stop the motor running, and then close the cooling water valve.