Centrifugal fans have the characteristics of large air volume, high efficiency and stable airflow, and are often used for ventilation, dust removal and cooling in mines, factories, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles and ships. Especially in the field of ventilation and induced draft of boilers and industrial furnaces, it has a wide range of applications. So what are the startup steps of the centrifugal fan? What advantages does it have? In response to these issues, the following will be a brief introduction to you.

1. Start-up steps of centrifugal fan

1. The centrifugal fan equipped with the lubricating oil system needs to start the lubricating oil pump first, and adjust the oil pressure and oil volume to normal.

2. If the centrifugal fan uses hydraulic coupling to adjust the air volume of the fan, the auxiliary oil pump should be started to supply oil to the gears and bearings at all levels.

3. Start the cooling water system.

4. Close the fan adjustment door.

5. Start the motor and observe whether the direction of the centrifugal fan is correct. If the direction is wrong, stop immediately to adjust.

6. When the centrifugal fan starts to start and runs, people are not allowed to stand in the radial direction of the impeller and near the coupling. It should be stopped about 5 minutes after starting to observe whether there are abnormal phenomena or friction noises in various parts of the fan, and confirm that there is no problem. Afterwards, the operation can be officially started.

7. When the fan reaches the rated speed, gradually open the regulating door.

2.The advantages of centrifugal fans

1. The ventilation effect is better. Compared with other types of fans, the centrifugal fan has a much better ventilation effect. It can be used to transport air in pipelines, and it can be used in places without corrosion, flammable and explosive gases.

2. The analysis is reliable. The design of the produced ternary flow fans adopts the “Finite Element Analysis Technology of Fluid and Forced Conditions”, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of design evaluation and optimization, and contributes to the high reliability of the fan. Laid a solid design foundation.

3. Three-dimensional flow impeller design, in cooperation with the team of Tsinghua University, the three-dimensional flow impeller design method that has been maturely applied in aero-engines is applied to the design of civil ventilators. This blade profile design adapts to the actual flow of airflow in the impeller, and separation is effectively suppressed.

4. Reliable operation, the key operating components of the centrifugal fan are made of international brand products, which effectively improves the reliability and durability of the fan operation.

5. Corrosion-resistant, the surface of the centrifugal fan has been sprayed, which can be anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. Its temperature resistance can reach 400 °C, and its service life is longer.

6. The process is reliable, and it is equipped with an industrial-grade dust-free bearing assembly workshop to ensure the assembly quality of the fan.