Energy-saving centrifugal fans can play the role of air circulation exchange, dust removal, cooling, etc., and are widely used in many factories, shopping malls, large buildings and other public places. Due to the different usage scenarios, the required air pressure and air volume will also change. Therefore, manually adjusting the parameters of the centrifugal fan can better meet the user’s demand for air volume and air pressure. What are the adjustment methods for energy-saving centrifugal fans? Woolen cloth? Next, I will introduce it to you in detail.

Adjustment method of energy-saving centrifugal fan


1. Adjustment of the air valve

The energy-saving centrifugal fan air valve is divided into two types, namely the inlet air valve and the outlet air valve. Under normal circumstances, the adjustment of the air valve can change the inlet and outlet air pressure resistance of the pipe network, but it will not change the use characteristics of the fan. We adjust the inlet air valve, which is mainly used to change the inlet pressure of the fan. When collecting various wind pressures, the collector can change the area through the completion of the collection and transmission to the air inlet. The size adjustment of the air valve is in principle to meet the rated working conditions. It cannot improve the energy-saving performance of the fan, but it can improve the working efficiency of the fan.

2. Blade adjustment

The adjustment of the blades of the energy-saving centrifugal fan can change the gas inflow direction of the fan, thereby changing the working performance of the fan. Wind energy, which increases pressure and flow to meet the needs of usage scenarios.

3. Adjustment of speed

The speed adjustment of the energy-saving centrifugal fan is carried out by the control switch, and the comprehensive speed can also be adjusted through the control panel system. The speed adjustment, like the air valve adjustment, needs to be controlled within a rated value range. If the rotation speed is adjusted through the control switch, the result may not be satisfactory. The control panel needs to make appropriate changes to the hardware connection line. For ordinary users, it is difficult to adjust, and the manufacturer can be asked for after-sales assistance.