Centrifugal fan is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in factories, tunnels, mines, large buildings and other places. Its main functions are ventilation, dust removal and cooling. Since the centrifugal fan was launched, the process technology has been continuously improved and the types have been refined to meet different market needs. However, many people are still worried when purchasing centrifugal fans and do not know how to choose the equipment that is more suitable for them. Through this article, I will introduce the selection principles of centrifugal fans.

Selection principle of centrifugal fan


1. Has good regulation

The ventilation and dust removal network requires a flat performance curve of the centrifugal fan, but the pneumatic conveying network requires a steeper performance curve. In the process of conveying materials in the pneumatic conveying system, when the conveying volume changes, the network resistance will also change greatly. The centrifugal fan with steep performance curve can achieve little change in the air volume when the resistance changes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose equipment with better adjustment according to the needs of its own production scenarios.

2. The working point should be in the high energy efficiency area

When selecting a centrifugal fan, on the premise that the fan air volume and wind pressure meet the requirements of the wind network, the working point should be set at the best efficiency or economical range. Under normal circumstances, the working point efficiency should not be less than 90% of the higher limit.

3. Centrifugal fans should be low noise and environmentally friendly

When purchasing a centrifugal fan, on the premise that other conditions are met, low-noise machinery is preferred. Normally, the peak frequency of noise is proportional to the fan speed. Therefore, in the case of meeting the network pressure and flow requirements, try to use a centrifugal fan with a relatively low speed. Generally, the fan speed should not exceed 3000r/min.

4. The motor cannot be overloaded

Since larger roads appear at the position of rated air volume, fans with backward blades are generally not overloaded; for forward and radial blade fans, the power will increase with the increase of air volume, and it will rise in a straight line, and the increase rate is also will gradually speed up. Therefore, when using a forward-blade fan for the pneumatic conveying network, care should be taken not to let the material pipe empty when the air door is opened to prevent the motor from being overloaded.

5. The centrifugal fan matches the conveyed gas

There are various types of centrifugal fans on the market, and there are many different applicable scenarios, so it is necessary to choose equipment that matches the properties of the gas. For example, if the dust concentration in the air is high, it is necessary to choose a dust exhaust fan with anti-wear blades and not easy to accumulate dust; if the fan is matched with a dryer, a centrifugal fan with high temperature resistance is more suitable.

The above is a specific introduction to the selection principles of centrifugal fans, hoping to help you choose the equipment that is more suitable for you. Selecting and using centrifugal fans well can reduce unnecessary capital investment and maximize production benefits while ensuring the work effect.