Centrifugal fans are widely used in many workshops, mines, large buildings and other places, and can provide air supply, exhaust or dust removal functions according to requirements. Centrifugal fans will inevitably generate noise during operation, which also causes trouble for some operators; the noise sources of centrifugal fans generally include fan units, air inlets and exhausts, and pipeline vibration. In fact, most of the noise of the centrifugal fan can be solved by installing a sound insulation cover. Next, I will introduce the requirements and precautions for choosing a centrifugal fan sound insulation cover.

1. Requirements for centrifugal fan sound insulation cover

1) Volume requirements of sound insulation cover

The centrifugal fan sound insulation cover needs to be customized according to the body of the centrifugal fan, and the shape is generally similar to that of the fan, which can save materials and reduce costs. However, the sound insulation cover does not directly enclose the centrifugal fan, but leaves vents and exhaust ports for the operation of the centrifugal fan. In addition, soundproof doors and windows are also installed to facilitate the maintenance of the centrifugal fan.

2) Material requirements for sound insulation cover

The material of the sound insulation cover is different, and the amount of sound insulation is also different, so it should be selected according to the noise spectrum. The sound insulation cover sheet belongs to a multi-layer sound insulation structure, and the materials used for the outer layer, middle and inner lining are different. For example, the outer plate is mostly made of stainless steel plate, and there are also lead plates, steel plates, aluminum plates and other materials to choose from; the middle is a damping layer; the inner lining is a porous sound-absorbing material. The sound insulation cover plate of the sound insulation structure can make the internal noise impenetrable and achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

3)Installation requirements of sound insulation cover

The sound insulation cover is detachable, which is more convenient for transportation. After the customization is completed, it is transported to the destination and then installed. It is also necessary to pay attention to the installation of the sound insulation cover, especially between the sound insulation cover and the machine, it is necessary to use a soft connection, otherwise the vibration and noise of the equipment will easily spread through the sound insulation cover.

2. Matters needing attention

1. The custom-made sound insulation cover has a certain production cycle. Users who have procurement needs need to arrange procurement according to their actual working conditions, so as not to affect the progress of the project.

2. All welds in the sound insulation cover should avoid sound leakage, and the part in contact with the ground should be closed.

3. The ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of centrifugal fan equipment should be considered during customization, design and installation.