In real scenarios, many factories, large buildings, etc. will install centrifugal fans for ventilation, ventilation, dust removal and other operations. Under normal circumstances, the centrifugal fan should run smoothly after installation, but some users report that the centrifugal fan will resonate after a period of use. The so-called resonance is the common vibration caused by the vibration of the rotor out of balance when the fan is running, which is transmitted to the casing or connecting accessories of the centrifugal fan.

1)Reasons for the resonance of centrifugal fans


1. The problem of cement foundation at the installation site

As heavy equipment, centrifugal fans have higher requirements on the foundation of the installation site. If the cement foundation is too light, the grouting is not good, or the plane size is too small, etc., it is easy to cause the equipment foundation to be disconnected from the foundation, loose anchor bolts, and poor connection of the machine base. Firmness, etc., causing resonance phenomenon.

2. Low rigidity of fan base or volute

If the base or volute of the centrifugal fan has low stiffness and lacks tension, the vibration strength and impact resistance it can withstand will also be low against strain. When the fan runs at high speed, it is easier to cause resonance between the rotor and the casing.

3. The inlet and outlet pipelines are not supported and softly connected

The inlet and outlet pipes of the centrifugal fan are not supported and softly connected, so that the pipes are prone to shaking when the fan is working. In addition, the gravity sinking of the pipe itself affects the force of the fan, which is easy to cause resonance.

4. Influence of adjacent facilities

If there are other large facilities installed near the centrifugal fan or the installation distance of multiple centrifugal fans is too close, it will also cause mutual influence. If the adjacent equipment is too close to the cement foundation of the fan or its stiffness is too small, it may cause the fan to resonate.

2)Processing method

1. If there is a problem with the fan installation foundation, it is necessary to reinforce the foundation or re-grouting and tighten the nuts to strengthen its rigidity.

2. Strengthen the rigidity of the fan base and the volute, and add supports and soft connections to the inlet and outlet pipes to prevent resonance caused by insufficient rigidity, insufficient support or force problems.

3. When there are other facilities near the centrifugal fan, adjust the distance between it and the adjacent facilities, and ensure that the adjacent equipment has sufficient foundation stiffness.

4. If the problem cannot be solved by itself, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer for after-sales assistance in time to avoid unnecessary losses.