When the centrifugal fan is repaired, sometimes it needs to be disassembled before repairing.

1) Disassembly method of centrifugal fan

1. Preparation

Prepare disassembly tools and materials. If it is a fan that transports gas or other harmful gases, it is necessary to close the gate of the inlet and outlet pipes, and block the blind plate according to the situation. If both the inlet and outlet are down, water can be poured into the down tube for a water seal. The water level to be filled should be high enough to ensure that no harmful gasses from the pipes leak into the workplace.

2. Remove lubricating oil pressure

When removing the pressure of the lubricating oil centrifugal fan, it is necessary to release and filter the lubricating oil before cooling, and then disconnect the flange connecting the oil pipe and the valve body.

3. Lift the upper casing and rotor

Keep the upper casing and the rotor in a horizontal position when lifting to avoid damage to the parts. Do not remove the longitudinal joints of the fan casing. If the cast iron casing that sends the hot gas is cooled, the upper casing needs to be lifted after the inside of the casing has cooled.

4. Remove the sliding bearing

Measure the bushing clearance and thrust surface clearance, remove the seal after measuring the sealing clearance, and then remove the sliding bearing.

5. Print parts

When disassembling, carefully check whether the removed parts have imprints. For some parts that need to be printed without printing, we can print them to facilitate the assembly to the appropriate repair position. The parts to be printed mainly include dislocation and orientation that are not allowed. and components that affect balance.

6. Clean the parts

After the disassembly is completed, it is necessary to clean the disassembled parts and remove the stains on the surface, so as to better maintain the impeller and prolong the service life of the fan.

2)Precautions for dismantling the centrifugal fan

1. The ventilation of the site should be maintained during operation. This is mainly to prevent the on-site personnel from gas poisoning.

2. Always pay attention to the on-site environment during operation to avoid accidents.

3. All disassembled parts should be well preserved to avoid loss.

4. After disassembly and re-installation, the test run of the equipment should be carried out. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, normal use will be started.

The above is the answer to how to disassemble the energy-saving centrifugal fan. After the above introduction, it can be seen that the disassembly method of the centrifugal fan is preparation work, removing the lubricating oil pressure, lifting the upper casing and rotor, removing the sliding bearing, printing parts, cleaning parts, etc., and in operation Pay attention to maintain ventilation, operate safely, save parts, test run, etc.