The impeller is an important equipment in the centrifugal fan, and its wear resistance can directly affect the performance and efficiency of the overall fan. So how to improve the wear resistance of the centrifugal fan impeller? The following editor will introduce to you the relevant knowledge about the method of improving the wear resistance of the impeller and the wear mechanism!

1) The method of improving the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impeller

1. Treat the blade surface

However, blade surfacing, adding wear-resistant lining, ceramic patch and other methods are used to treat the blade surface, so as to increase the hardness of the blade and improve the wear resistance of the blade. Let’s take a look at how to deal with the leaves in detail!

(1) Surface surfacing is to use surfacing electrodes and wires, and use manual arc and automatic welding methods to surfacing on the position where the blade is easy to wear, so as to protect the blade and improve the quality and life of the blade.

(2) Wear-resistant lining plates are added to the working surface of the blade and the surface of the wheel disc, which can provide overall wear-resistant protection to the blade.

(3) The method of ceramic patch can also be used to enhance the wear resistance of the impeller, but it is inconvenient to install, and it is not firm to fix the ceramic lining by bonding, so it is easy to cause the lining of the fan when it is running at high speed. The blade falls off, and if it falls off, it will cause damage to the leaves.

2. Improve the aerodynamic design

Reasonable selection of the shape of the air inlet of the centrifugal fan, the relative speed of the inlet should be ensured during the design, the rotation speed of the fan should be reduced as much as possible, and the appropriate shape of the impeller flow channel should be selected, so that the radius of curvature from the blade to the outlet radian increases from small to large, which can reduce the size of solids. Impact of particles and blades.

3. Change the blade structure

The structure of the blade can be changed, the working surface of the blade can be processed into a serrated shape, the hollow blade can be changed to a solid blade, and the wear of the impeller can be reduced by welding a wear block to the blade.

4. Spray wear-resistant paint

There is also a relatively simple method, which is to spray wear-resistant paint inside the casing of the centrifugal fan and the impeller to improve the wear resistance of the impeller.

2)Wear mechanism of centrifugal fan impeller

Wear is the result of the combined action of multiple mechanisms. After entering the impeller, the dust particles interact with the base surface. In the inlet area of ​​the centrifugal flow channel and the entire axial flow channel, the dust particles are basically entrained by the airflow and under the combined action of their own inertia. , hits the base surface with a non-zero collision angle, and then bounces back into the flow channel, causing erosion and wear of the base surface material. In the outlet area of ​​the centrifugal flow channel, the dust particles move for a long distance in the flow channel, and most of them collide with the base surface many times, basically sliding or rolling along the pressure surface, causing scratches on the base surface material wear.

After the above answer to the question of how to improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impellers, it can be seen that the wear resistance of impellers can be improved by treating the blade surface, improving aerodynamic design, changing the blade structure, and spraying wear-resistant paint.