The centrifugal fan will be unstable due to various reasons during use. What should I do if the speed of the centrifugal fan is unstable?

1)Reasons for the unstable speed of centrifugal fans

1. Abnormal thyristor: If the thyristor has open circuit, breakdown short circuit, poor foundation, etc., it will affect the speed of the centrifugal fan;

2. Adjustable resistance failure: The adjustable resistance will have poor contact after a long time of use, which will also affect the speed of the equipment;

3. Toner and carbon brush problems: There is toner between the rotor and the commutator of the motor, or the bad carbon brush itself will also cause the speed of the centrifugal fan to be unstable;

4. Abnormal diodes: If the four rectifier diodes of the high-efficiency centrifugal fan are abnormal, it will directly affect the function of the overall device.

2) the solution to the unstable speed of the centrifugal fan

After summarizing the above reasons, we can see that it is basically the problem of the parts, so if the speed of the equipment is found to be unstable during use, we can adjust it from easy to difficult:

1. Measure the adjustable resistance: Measure the adjustable resistance. If the resistance value changes regularly according to the adjustment, it can prove that the potentiometer is normal;

2. Measure the thyristor: Then measure the thyristor, if any abnormality is found, it can be repaired or replaced in time;

3. Check the diode: When checking the diode, because it is a high-current gold sealed tube, fasten one end of the screw on the circuit board, and then solder the other end to the circuit board with a wire. When the circuit board is removed, it is found that the positive and negative electrodes are loose, and then swing while measuring to determine whether the diode is good or bad;

4. Clean up the toner: If there is any toner, we can clean it up in time;

5. Replacement of carbon brushes with good quality: If there is a problem with the carbon brush itself, it should be replaced in time with good quality and suitable specifications.

Whether it is to replace any kind of parts, after the installation is completed, pay attention to the need for trial operation and debugging, and it can be used normally after confirming that there is no abnormality.

The above is the answer to the question of what to do if the speed of the high-efficiency centrifugal fan is unstable. After the above introduction, it can be seen that the reasons for the unstable speed of the equipment include abnormal thyristor, adjustable resistance failure, carbon powder and carbon brush problems, abnormal diodes, etc. , we can solve it by measuring adjustable resistance, measuring thyristor, checking diodes, cleaning carbon powder, replacing carbon brushes with good quality, etc.