With the continuous advancement of my country’s environmental protection policies, various production enterprises have gradually increased their investment in environmental protection facilities. Environmental protection centrifugal fans are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. They are mainly used in industrial dust removal, RTO and other environmental protection treatment systems. Due to their advantages of good performance, high work efficiency and low noise, they are more and more in the market. popular. Centrifugal fans are large-scale equipment, and they must strictly comply with relevant standards during installation, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, so as to better maintain their performance and prolong the service life of the equipment. So, what problems should be paid attention to in the installation and maintenance of environmentally friendly centrifugal fans? Next, I will introduce it to you in detail.

1. Precautions for the installation of environmentally friendly centrifugal fans

1) Adjust the connection method

When the environmental protection centrifugal fan is connected with the foundation joint surface and the inlet and outlet air ducts, it needs to be adjusted to ensure that the connection is naturally matched; it cannot be forcibly connected, so as to prevent the weight of the air duct from being concentrated on the casing, causing the deformation of the casing and affecting the normal operation of the equipment ; The inlet and outlet air ducts of the centrifugal fan should be connected with hoses, and pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan.

2)Do a good job of inspection before and after installation

Before installation, environmental protection centrifugal fans should check the specifications and models of the fans, and count the specifications and quantities of accessories and accessories; during installation, pay attention to check whether the connection of each part is firm, whether the rotation is flexible, etc.; Inventory the installation tools to prevent the installation tools from being forgotten in the fan.

3) Strictly control the trial operation process

After the installation of the environmental protection centrifugal fan is completed, the test run can only be carried out after the inspection of each part is normal. During the trial operation, the control current should be paid attention to, and the rated value should not be exceeded to prevent the motor from being burnt due to overload; the start-up and trial operation of the fan must be carried out under the condition of no load, and the valve should be gradually opened to the specified working condition according to the operation conditions.

2. Precautions for the maintenance of environmental protection centrifugal fans

1. Regularly remove the dust inside the fan, such as dust, dirt and other impurities on the impeller, which may cause rust and imbalance, and need to be cleaned in time.

2. The environmental protection centrifugal fan needs to be powered off and stopped during maintenance or repair to avoid safety accidents.

3. Under normal circumstances, the fan needs to be replaced with lubricating oil every 3-6 months of operation; in addition, new lubricating oil needs to be replaced after each overhaul.

3. The environmental protection centrifugal fan should be equipped with management personnel. If abnormal noise or overheating occurs during the operation, it should be stopped in time for investigation and corresponding treatment, and the fan operation with failure is prohibited.