Generally, the commonly used ventilation fans mainly include centrifugal fans and axial fans. There is still a big difference between the two. You need to choose and use them according to different needs.

The main difference between energy-saving centrifugal fans and axial fans

1. Different exhaust directions

The exhaust direction of the centrifugal fan is perpendicular to the inlet direction, which can achieve 360-degree exhaust in the specified direction. The exhaust direction of the axial flow fan is straight along the direction of the axis, and the exhaust silo and the air inlet of the fan are on an axis parallel line.

2. The difficulty of installation is different

The installation of energy-saving centrifugal fans is more complicated. The installation of the axial flow fan is relatively simple, it only needs to be directly installed on the wall or connected to the air duct.

3. Different air volume and air pressure

The wind pressure of the centrifugal fan is large (can be as high as 0.2MPa). If there are many elbows in the pipeline, the air extraction and air supply distance is long, and the pipeline resistance is large, it is recommended to use a centrifugal fan. The air volume of the axial flow fan is relatively small, and there is basically no wind pressure.

4. Different appearance

The appearance of the energy-saving centrifugal fan is mainly snail-shaped. The appearance shape of the axial flow fan is mainly cylindrical.

5. Different motor connection methods

The connection method of the centrifugal fan motor is mainly connected by the shaft, usually outside the fan exhaust duct. The connection method of the axial fan motor is generally in the body of the fan.

6. The principle of generating wind pressure is different

The centrifugal fan mainly transports the gas by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller. The axial flow fan is driven by the rotation of the blades to drive the gas to move in the axial direction.

7. Different rotor installation methods

The rotor of the energy-saving centrifugal fan is closed and installed, and the volume is small. Axial fan rotors are generally installed bare and bulky.

8. Different impellers

The impeller of the centrifugal fan is mainly multi-blade forward or backward inclined. The impellers of axial flow fans are mostly four-blade and six-blade type.

9. Different installation positions

Energy-saving centrifugal fans are mainly installed at the inlet and outlet of air-conditioning units, boiler drums, induced draft fans, etc. The axial flow fan is often installed in the air duct or at the front end of the air duct outlet.

After the above introduction, it can be seen that the difference between the energy-saving centrifugal fan and the axial flow fan mainly lies in the different exhaust direction, different installation difficulty, different air volume and air pressure, different appearance, different motor connection methods, different principles of generating wind pressure, and different rotor installation methods. , different impellers, different installation positions, etc., you can choose suitable equipment according to your own needs and use occasions.