High-efficiency centrifugal fan is a kind of high-power equipment. The main components include casing, impeller, main shaft, bearing transmission mechanism and motor. It is often used for ventilation or dust removal in factories, mines, tunnels, large buildings and other places. It has a good response in the market and has broad application prospects. Centrifugal fans will occasionally trip after long-term operation, which brings inconvenience to production and operation activities. Next, I will summarize the common causes and treatment methods of high-efficiency centrifugal fans for tripping. I hope it can help you in time. Handle failures and reduce unnecessary losses.

1. Reasons for tripping of high-efficiency centrifugal fans

1. Insufficient system resistance causes the fan motor to trip. This situation is generally caused by the short pipe of the dust collector or the closing of the valve.

2. If the pipeline is too long and the valve is not closed, but the resistance is still higher than the resistance that the fan can bear, the fan will trip.

3. The starting current of the centrifugal fan is too large or the fan impeller is heavy, and the motor cannot be driven, which will also cause a tripping phenomenon.

4. The ventilation duct of the centrifugal fan has many elbows and extended ducts due to design problems, which will cause the fan to trip due to excessive load.

5. The switching capacity of the control electric box is small, the setting value of the thermal protector is too small, the performance of the accessories of the fan control box is poor, the phase loss caused by the poor line contact, and the current exceeding the rated value are also common reasons for tripping.

6. When the centrifugal fan is started, pay attention to observe whether the impeller rotates in the opposite direction. Incorrect rotation direction will also cause tripping. 7. The centrifugal fan damper is not fully opened or the cross section of the air duct at the outlet of the high temperature exhaust fan is too large, resulting in excessive shaft power required by the fan, which may easily cause tripping.

2.the treatment method of tripping

1. High-efficiency centrifugal fans are high-power equipment, and the use of step-down starting method can reduce tripping.

2. If the centrifugal fan has a large load, it is necessary to adjust the regulating valve of the air inlet or outlet of the pipeline to a lower position to protect the motor and reduce the use load of the centrifugal fan, thereby reducing the trip frequency.

3. If the impeller rotates in the opposite direction when starting the centrifugal fan, it should be adjusted in time to keep the impeller in the correct direction of rotation.

4. If it is the control box accessories, poor line contact, insufficient power grid capacity, etc., it is necessary to detect the circuit, check and replace the adaptive accessories in time to better solve the tripping problem.