During the installation of the centrifugal fan, the installation of the foundation and the horn is one of the preparatory work. The installation quality of the horn will directly affect the normal operation of the fan. If the installation does not meet the requirements, it will easily lead to the vibration and The noise increases, and even the fan cannot operate normally.

Centrifugal fan horn installation requirements

1. Determine the basic centerline of the fan according to the design drawing, and determine the position of the horn with reference to the positioning and external dimensions of each component of the fan.
2. The auxiliary pad method is used for the installation of the pad iron, that is, two sets of pad irons are placed next to each anchor bolt, and according to the distance of the bolt holes, an additional set of pad irons is added if the distance exceeds 1 000 mm.
3. In order to ensure the reliable transmission of the force to the foundation and reduce the displacement and vibration that may be generated during the operation of the centrifugal fan, the contact between the pad iron and the pad iron and the base should be tight, the contact area should not be less than 70%, and the local gap should not be greater than 0.05 mm.
4. The foundation where the horn is placed is first leveled with a flat shovel to make the horn and the bearing surface of the foundation firm.
5. Use the coloring method to check. The contact spots between the horn and the foundation should be evenly distributed, and the contact area should reach more than 65%. Check with a spirit level to control the vertical and horizontal level of the horn within 0.06mm/m.
6. Re-measure the elevation of the laid pad iron group, and determine the secondary processing amount of the flat backing plate according to the data of the re-measurement and the adjustment amount of the inclined backing plate.
7. Ensure that the horn group does not exceed 5 pieces. After the adjustment of the horn group is completed, the base of the equipment is exposed by 30~50mm.
8. Since the casing of the centrifugal fan is not connected to the rotating part of the fan, the quality requirements for the setting of the backing plate here can be appropriately relaxed according to the actual situation.

The practical effect of installing horns for centrifugal fans

1. The horn can transfer the load of the centrifugal fan, including the weight of the equipment, the tension force of the anchor bolts and other additional forces, to the foundation, and then transfer it to the soil, which plays a damping role.
2. The horn can keep a certain distance between the fan base and the foundation surface to ensure that the secondary grouting layer can fill the gap between the bottom surface of the fan base and the foundation surface and ensure the quality of the secondary grouting layer.
3. By adjusting the horn, the elevation and levelness of the fan can meet the design requirements.
4. The combination of the horn and the anchor bolt can correct the slight deformation of the fan base.