In order to reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the centrifugal fan in the process of use, it is inseparable from daily maintenance and maintenance.

1) Maintenance method of centrifugal fan

1. Check the parameters every day

Make a parameter comparison table, mark the normal range of each measurement value, check the reference table of various parameters of the centrifugal fan every day, and check whether the noise, vibration value and the indication of each instrument during the operation of the fan are normal. Whether the working condition, pressure and flow of the oil system are normal.

2. Regularly check all parts

Regularly check the ventilation of the air filter, and clean it in time according to the situation; check the pressure drop of the degreasing mister pipeline; take a small amount of lubricating oil and the condensed water of the cooler for regular testing.

3. Overall inspection during overhaul

During the overhaul, thoroughly maintain the interstage cooler, fan unit, and lubrication system according to the requirements of the manual, and perform flow channel cleaning, dynamic balance inspection, flaw detection inspection, core pulling inspection of the interstage cooler, cleaning of the inner wall and corrosion of the rotor. Anticorrosion treatment, etc.

4. Establish a maintenance ledger

It is recommended to check, maintain and maintain the record book, and record the defects, processing conditions, refueling time, quantity, etc. of each fan in detail and must be recorded in detail and accurately.

5. Check the oil system

Check the oil system every day, check whether the pressure, flow, working conditions of the system are normal, and record the value of the pollution blockage indicator of the oil filter, so that the filter element can be replaced in time according to the value.

6. Check the oil filter

Replace and clean the oil filter at least once a month, and do an oil test to check whether there is water in the oil or whether the oil has deteriorated. The reason, if the oil cooler is leaking, the maintenance of the oil cooler should also be carried out at the same time.

7. Keep the environment clean and tidy

For the use environment of the centrifugal fan, the surrounding area should be kept clean and tidy, the surface of the equipment should be kept clean, and there should be no debris in the position of the inlet and outlet air, and the dust and debris in the equipment and pipes should be cleaned regularly.

8. Supplement lubricating oil in time

According to the use environment and inspection conditions, the bearings should be supplemented or replaced with lubricating grease from time to time. It is strictly forbidden to run without oil to avoid causing more serious failures. For the closed bearing of the motor, it is not necessary to replace the lubricating grease during the service life. In order to ensure the good lubrication of the centrifugal fan, the number of oiling should not be less than 1000 hours/time. For the closed bearing and the motor bearing, use ZL-3 lithium-based lubricating grease to fill the inside and outside of the bearing. 2/3 of the circle.

2)Precautions for maintenance of centrifugal fan

1. Stop first and then check

If the centrifugal fan finds abnormal sound during operation, the shell is electrified, the motor is seriously heated, the switch is tripped, and it cannot be started, etc., it is necessary to stop the operation immediately and check and repair it in time. After the maintenance, it needs to be tested for about 5 minutes before starting up.

2. Timely analysis and resolution of differences

If it is found that there is a big difference from the last recorded situation, it is necessary to analyze and deal with the reasons for the difference in time. And pay attention to check the stability of the equipment, the oil seal of the bearing box and the temperature of the bearing during the operation of the equipment.

3. Pay attention to cooling and heat dissipation

Pay attention to control the temperature of the working environment of the centrifugal fan when it is in use. Generally, as long as it does not exceed 40 degrees, the equipment can run normally. If it exceeds this temperature, it may cause damage to the equipment if the temperature is higher than If the temperature is high, it needs to be cooled in the machine room in time. After each use of the equipment, the dust and oil of the motor cooling impeller and the motor itself should be cleaned up, so that the motor can be lowered by about 2-4 degrees, so as to ensure that the motor has a good heat dissipation. Effect.

After the above introduction, it can be seen that the maintenance method of centrifugal fan includes daily inspection of parameters, regular inspection of each component, overall inspection during overhaul, establishment of maintenance account, inspection of oil system, inspection of oil filter, ensuring clean environment, and timely replenishment of lubricating oil, etc. During maintenance, it is necessary to stop the machine before checking, analyze and resolve differences in time, and pay attention to cooling and heat dissipation.