In the daily maintenance and maintenance process of the centrifugal fan, in order to clean the interior or replace the internal parts, it needs to be disassembled. How to disassemble the centrifugal fan?

1)Centrifugal fan removal tool

The equipment used for dismantling the centrifugal fan mainly includes one screwdriver and one cross screwdriver, one pliers, two adjustable wrenches, markers, dynamic balance testing instruments, one steel ruler, one spirit level, recording paper, etc.

2)Disassembly method of centrifugal fan

1. Disassembly steps

(1) Disconnect the power supply and remove the coupling (or belt) at the transmission end;
(2) Remove the connection between the fan and the inlet and outlet ducts (connecting hoses or connecting flanges);
(3) Remove the bolts of the bearing bracket, and then remove the bracket;
(4) Remove the anchor bolts on both sides of the fan to remove the entire fan body from the vibration damping foundation;
(5) Remove the suction port and casing;
(6) Disassemble the lock plate, unscrew the three fastening screws on the lock plate, and remove the pin plate from the shaft;
(7) Remove the impeller, shaft and bearing device;
(8) Remove the hub base (please pay attention to the pad before removing);
(9) Remove the bracket and cut-off plate from the casing.

2. Disassembly precautions

When disassembling the centrifugal fan, you should pay attention to placing the removed mechanical parts in a certain order, and install the machine after checking or cleaning the relevant parts. After disassembly, focus on recording the following contents for assembly:
(1) Model and performance parameters of the dismantled fan;
(2) The name of the component;
(3) Whether there is a snail tongue;
(4) Structural form and blade shape of the impeller;
(5) Distinguishing the suction port, discharge port, steering, etc.;
(6) The connection method with the motor;
(7) The difference between a single-suction fan and a double-suction fan.

3) Assembly method of centrifugal fan

1. Assembly steps

When assembling, follow the rules of assembling the parts into components first, and then assembling the components into the whole machine; and proceed in the reverse order of disassembly. The installed fan must be replaced in its original position.

2. Precautions for assembly

(1) The coaxiality of the fan shaft and the motor shaft, the outlet of the fan should be connected to the elbow along the rotation direction of the impeller, and ensure that the distance to the elbow is greater than or equal to 1.5-2.5 times the size of the outlet of the tuyere.
(2) Appropriate lubricating oil should be added to the installed fan for trial operation, and various safety measures should be checked. When the impeller is rotated, there should be no jamming phenomenon. The rotation direction of the impeller must be correct, and the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 40℃. .

Regarding how to disassemble the centrifugal fan, the above is the specific method and steps of the centrifugal fan manufacturer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. It should be reminded that disassembly is likely to cause deviations in the internal clearance of the fan after reassembly, thus affecting the performance of the fan. Therefore, it is recommended not to disassemble without permission, and try to have the technicians of the fan manufacturer perform disassembly, maintenance and repair.