Centrifugal fans occasionally encounter the problem that the bearing of the fan runs into the inner ring. The reasons for this are different, but they can all be solved by using the Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology.

1)The reasons for the centrifugal fan bearing running on the inner ring

1. Insufficient interference

The size of the interference between the bearing and the shaft and the size of the load are compatible with each other, but if the interference is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be insufficient, and the inner ring will run.

2. The axis positioning is not good

If the positioning of the shaft is not good, it will cause the shaft to move greatly in the bearing, causing the bearing of the fan to run into the inner ring.

3. The fixing method is unreasonable

If the axial fixing method of the bearing is unreasonable, or the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft shoulder are not fastened in the axial direction, it will cause the bearing of the centrifugal fan to run into the inner ring.

2) The solution of centrifugal fan bearing running inner ring

1. Brush plating

Generally, this method is more suitable for coating brush plating thickness less than 0.3mm. If the wear amount is greater than 0.3mm, the brush plating efficiency will be doubled, and if the brush plating layer is too thick, it will easily cause the brush plating layer to fall off during use. , which shortens the lifespan.

2. Repair welding machine processing

This method has the problem of thermal stress, which is easy to cause bending deformation of the shaft, and may also cause cracks in the welding part, so there is a risk of shaft breakage during use, and this technology cannot repair the shaft wear problem of large equipment online, and the overall cost-effectiveness is low.

3. Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology

The repair time of this technology is short, and the repair can be completed in about 8 hours, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the enterprise, shortens the maintenance period, saves costs, and the use effect after repair is also very good.

In general, the Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology can meet the operating pressure and strength requirements of various shafts. The material is paste, so it can effectively avoid the generation of gaps after repair. Let’s take a look at the repair steps of this technology. :

(1) Measure the wear size of the centrifugal fan shaft bearing position for processing tooling;

(2) Measure the processed tooling to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the tooling processing;

(3) The worn surface of the bearing is carbonized with oxygen acetylene;

(4) The position of the damaged surface can be ground with an angle grinder until the primary color of the metal leaks out, and the rough surface can be observed;

(5) Clean with absolute ethanol;

(6) The position of the inner surface of the tooling and the bolt hole are evenly spread with SD7000 mold release agent;

(7) The carbon nano-polymer material SD7101H is reconciled to the form without color difference;

(8) After the material is reconciled, repeatedly scrape and smear it on the wear surface of the bearing, and make the surface higher than the reference surface;

(9) Clamp the tooling in place and fasten it with bolts, and heat the tooling to quickly cure;

(10) Disassemble tooling and grinding to remove excess material;

(11) Install the bearing by the hot-loading method, pay attention to the material of the cage when installing, and the bearing position will be repaired after the installation is completed.

The above is the entire content of the reasons and solutions for the running of the centrifugal fan bearing. After the above introduction, it can be seen that the reasons for the running of the centrifugal fan include insufficient interference, poor shaft positioning, and unreasonable fixing methods. The solution is brush Plating, repair welding machining, Soleil carbon nano-polymer material technology, etc., but it is relatively better to use Solei carbon nano-polymer material technology to solve this problem.