There are many kinds of materials for the main shaft of centrifugal fans. Different materials have different requirements for working conditions. How can we choose the right one?

1. Selection of the material of the main shaft of the centrifugal fan

1. Alloy structural steel can be used for shafts with large force, limited shaft size, or special requirements. When choosing alloy steel, silicon-manganese steel, boron steel, etc. can be preferred, among which 42CrMo is also a commonly used one. material.

2. For shafts with complex structures, such as spline shafts, hollow shafts, etc., chrome steel can be selected, which can ensure dimensional stability and reduce heat treatment deformation.

3. For the more important large-section shafts, chromium-nickel steel can be selected.

4. The shaft working under high temperature or corrosive conditions can choose heat-resistant steel or stainless steel.

5. The working temperature is less than or equal to 300 ℃, and 45# steel is commonly used, which is mostly used for light-load fans for general purposes; 40Cr can also be used as a load shaft, which can improve the fatigue resistance.

6. For the working temperature of 300℃≤t≤500℃, 35CrMo and 42CrMo can be selected.

Materials such as carbon steel or alloy steel for shafts are generally processed by rolling, forging and cutting. For shafts with smaller diameters, they can be made of round steel or cold-drawn steel. For more important large diameter or step diameter changes For larger shafts, forged blanks can be used. To improve manufacturability and save metal, larger diameter shafts can be made hollow with welded or forged flanges.

2. Classification of centrifugal fan spindles

We talked about hollow shafts above, In addition to hollow shafts, there are also solid shafts. Generally, the impeller cantilever support fan adopts a solid shaft; the double-support large induced draft fan adopts a hollow shaft, which can reduce the consumption of materials, the starting load and the radial load of the bearing as mentioned above.

The main function of the main shaft of the centrifugal fan is to support the rotation of the impeller and transmit the mechanical energy of the power device. The main shaft must have sufficient strength and rigidity to transmit the mechanical energy and support the rotation of the impeller without vibration. The main shaft of the large centrifugal fan is forged and finished with high-strength alloy steel.

The above is the whole content of the selection and classification of the material of the main shaft of the centrifugal fan. After the above introduction, it can be seen that different materials need to be used for shafts with different temperatures, different operating conditions and different structures, and hollow shafts or solid shafts can also be selected for different needs.