The main transmission mode of some centrifugal fans is belt drive, which has the advantages of convenient adjustment and strong adaptability, but the premise of ensuring the normal transmission of the fan is the correct belt adjustment, otherwise it will not only affect the running state of the fan, but also cause the belt to be premature. If it is worn or even broken, how to adjust the centrifugal fan belt? The following editors have sorted out the alignment and tightness adjustment methods of the centrifugal fan belt for your reference.

1)Alignment and adjustment method of centrifugal fan belt


1. Principle of alignment adjustment

The alignment of the centrifugal fan belt is mainly the process of alignment and adjustment of the pulley. If the position of the pulley is not correct, it will not only shorten the service life of the belt, but also adversely affect the operation of the fan. It must be adjusted. The specific alignment adjustment The principle is as follows:
Starting from point A on the end face of the wheel, along the direction of the center line of the two wheels, move a ruler (or pull a thin rope) towards the end face of the wheel. If the ruler can match the four points A, B, C and D are in contact at the same time, indicating that the end faces of the two wheels are flush and the installation position is correct.

2. Find the right way

(1) If the centrifugal fan is parallel to the axis of the motor, but the end faces of the two pulleys are not flush, the pulley that protrudes outward can be properly driven inward.
(2) If the two axes are not parallel, loosen the connecting bolts between the motor and the base, and adjust the axis of the motor.
(3) If the belt is not tight enough, the motor axis should be translated laterally.

2) centrifugal fan belt tightness adjustment method


1. Check the tension

(1) Measure the distance t (mm) between the contact points of the belt and the two pulleys.
(2) Use a spring balance to measure the external force acting vertically on the midpoint of the belt. When the deflection S satisfies the relationship of S=0.016t (mm), if the external force meets the regulations, the belt is properly tight.
(3) If the measured external force is too small or too large, it means that the belt is too loose or too tight and should be adjusted. If it is too tight, it will shorten the life of the belt and bearing; if it is too loose, it will cause slippage and vibration, resulting in early damage of the belt.

2. How to adjust the tightness

The base of the centrifugal fan is generally fixed with bolts. By adjusting the position of the base and increasing or reducing the distance of the pulley, the tightness of the belt of the centrifugal fan can be adjusted. After adjustment, ensure that the base is fixed and re-find. Yes, the specific adjustment process is: first loosen the fixing bolts and nuts on the pulley base, then move the pulley horizontally to loosen or tighten the belt, temporarily fix the base after adjustment, and recheck the belt tightness until the base is in Appropriate position, the belt tension is appropriate, and then tighten the base tightening bolts and nuts.