In the factory of the production enterprise, the centrifugal fan is mainly used as the fan of the dust removal equipment. However, over time, the fan will have various failures due to the influence of dust or corrosive gas in the air, so it needs to be regularly repaired, cleaned and cleaned. Maintenance, how often should the centrifugal fan be checked regularly?

1)Regular inspection cycle and content of centrifugal fans


1. Regular inspection cycle

Because the centrifugal fan in the dust removal system is susceptible to dust pollution, which may cause failures such as poor lubrication, wear, and increased corrosion, so in formulating a regular inspection system, it is necessary to shorten the period as much as possible, and cooperate with preventive maintenance to avoid the above-mentioned situations. The regular inspection period is recommended as follows: minor repairs for centrifugal fans every three months of continuous operation, medium repairs every six months, and major repairs every twenty-four months.

2. Contents of regular inspection

(1) Minor repairs: Mainly check and tighten the connecting bolts of chassis and ground, machine base and chassis, bearing seat and bearing, motor and machine seat, bearing and bearing seat, etc., to eliminate local defects in equipment connection , remove the sundries and dirt in the pipeline.
(2) Medium repair: On the basis of minor repairs, disassemble and inspect the wear of air inlet ring, air inlet, impeller, volute, bearing and other components, and clean, repair or replace as appropriate; adjust The matching clearance between the impeller and the air inlet, the shaft and the shaft seal, the outer ring of the rolling bearing and the bearing seat meets the technical standard requirements of the fan; the safety monitoring and alarm devices such as temperature, pressure difference, vibration, spark detection and extinguishing are calibrated.
(3) Overhaul: On the basis of the intermediate repair, perform static balance on the impeller and dynamic balance on the important fan rotor; check the dust accumulation, corrosion, wear and fatigue on the main shaft caused by Bend, check the axial and radial offset of the main shaft and the radial runout of the rotor assembly, and repair or replace it as appropriate; check and adjust the level of the entire fan, check the fastening of the connecting air duct support and hanger, and eliminate the connection caused by the connection. Additional stress on the body caused by the sinking or loosening of the pipe.

2)Centrifugal fan cleaning and lubrication cycle


1. Cleaning cycle and content

According to the usage, it is recommended to clean and wipe the outer surface and pipes of the centrifugal fan at least every shift, observe the dust and oil stains at the ash cleaning port, and clean the monitoring, alarm and control devices of the fan’s pressure, temperature, speed, and vibration every two weeks. Clean the fan impeller, motor and inverter every month. When cleaning the impeller, open the ash cleaning port to check whether there are foreign objects. If there are foreign objects, clean up the foreign objects and check the wear of the impeller. The focus of cleaning the motor is to clean the dust of the motor’s forced cooling fan, and check whether the forced cooling fan is working normally; clean the frequency conversion The focus of the inverter is to check whether the inverter cabinet is hot and whether the ventilation is good. If the ventilation is not good, you need to install an air conditioner to ensure the normal use of the inverter.

2. Lubrication cycle and content

The lubrication of centrifugal fans and motor bearings must be checked every week, the lubricant should be added every two weeks, and the lubricant should be replaced every three months. All fan bearing grease type is No. 3 lithium-based grease, 75kw fans add 50g grease every 1 month, 90kw, 110kw fans add 80g grease every half month; motor bearing grease type is No. 2 lithium base Grease, add 60g of grease every six months. After the air is discharged from the commonly used refueling gun, the filling amount is about 5g each time. When lubricating, the number of refueling is controlled according to the amount of refueling. Note that the surface of the oil nozzle must be cleaned before and after each refueling to prevent dust and debris from entering the lubrication system and affecting the lubricating oil. quality.