Centrifugal fans are often used as induced draft fans for dust removal equipment, which have the characteristics of high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the impeller and blades of the fan, but ignore the corrosion of the casing, resulting in damage to the casing and air leakage. What should I do if the casing of the centrifugal induced draft fan is corroded?

1)Causes of corrosion of centrifugal induced draft fan casing

1. The material of the casing is not anti-corrosion: The casing of the centrifugal fan is generally corroded from the inside out. Since the nature of the induced draft gas is ignored in the selection, the corrosive gas will gradually The case will be corroded, and after a period of time, the case will become thinner, and even cracks will appear.

2. The casing itself has cracks: The casings of centrifugal induced draft fans are mostly surface treated before leaving the factory, but if the casing itself has certain cracks, the corrosive gas will pass through Cracks erode the interior of the case material, which in turn corrodes the entire case.
3. Too close to the corrosive gas source: The surface treatment of the general centrifugal fan is nothing more than painting or polishing. Although the erosion of the corrosive gas to the casing can be reduced to a certain extent, If it is too close to the corrosive gas source, a large amount of long-term contact with corrosive gas will cause the surface paint film to peel off, thereby corroding the casing.

4. The surface of the casing is not cleaned: When many induced draft fans are dealing with soot gas, the inner surface of the casing will absorb a large amount of dust. The dust is produced on the inner surface of the casing. If it is not cleaned in time, it will Gradually wear the paint film or coating on the inner surface of the casing, and if the cleaning is delayed, the corroded layer on the surface will be removed along with the dust, making the casing thinner and thinner, and gradually losing its anti-corrosion ability.

2) the solution to the corrosion of centrifugal induced draft fan casing

Basically, the reasons for the corrosion of the centrifugal fan casing are the above points. It is not difficult to see that most of them are caused by improper use and maintenance. What should I do about the corrosion of the centrifugal fan casing? In addition to the use of anti-corrosion casing, more is to regularly carry out anti-corrosion treatment and regular maintenance of the casing, the details are as follows:

1. Choose anti-corrosion fans: Centrifugal fans are divided into glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel according to the different materials used for the casing. Among them, glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel themselves have strong corrosion resistance, so in normal operation Under normal circumstances, the induced draft fan used in the dust removal equipment will use this centrifugal fan, and with timely and correct maintenance, the corrosion of the casing can basically be eliminated.

2. Select high-quality fans: The production quality of centrifugal fans can effectively ensure the integrity of the casing. The internal stress of many inferior products has not been eliminated. With the increase of use time, the internal stress will increase. It will lead to the generation of small cracks and affect the overall anti-corrosion performance.

3. Keep away from corrosive gas sources as much as possible: When designing and installing centrifugal fans, keep away from corrosive gas sources as much as possible. The area where the gas contacts the outside of the fan housing.

4. Regular anti-corrosion coating: For the corrosion inside the centrifugal fan casing, it can be solved by regularly coating the anti-corrosion coating. Spraying paint film is a relatively economical anti-corrosion coating, but the effective time is short, and it needs to be resurfaced and sprayed frequently; spraying aluminum-zinc composite coating is a long-term anti-corrosion method, but it is necessary to pay attention to the casing The air inlet and outlet are treated to avoid corrosion from the port.