Centrifugal fans are often used in production enterprises to draw out the gas in the boiler or workshop. Generally, the transmission part of the fan is required to be sealed, because there is often a large amount of dust in the boiler or workshop. If the dust enters the bearing of the transmission part, It is easy to cause the wear of the main shaft or motor bearing of the centrifugal fan, which will lead to the decline of the performance of the fan, and even the bearing damage, and the fan cannot operate normally. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning of the bearing is also one of the major maintenance work of the centrifugal fan. How to clean the bearing?

1)Bearing cleaning method of centrifugal fan

1. Cleaning of bearings that are not disassembled

If the bearing on the main shaft of the centrifugal fan does not get into the dirt, and only needs to clean the dried lubricating oil, it can be cleaned without disassembly, but the bearing installed on the main shaft of the centrifugal fan is difficult to clean. Use hot machine oil to wash with iron hook (iron wire) for cleaning, the specific steps are as follows:
(1) Use hot oil with a temperature of 90~100℃ to scald the bearing parts to melt the old dry oil on the bearing. At this time, slowly rotate the bearing, and use an iron hook or wire to remove the old oil in the bearing. The oil is dug out, and the bearing can be basically cleaned by scalding with hot oil continuously for about 5 minutes.
(2) Next, use kerosene to flush the machine oil and the melted dry oil inside the centrifugal fan bearing. It is recommended to use an oil gun to flush it, so that it can be flushed more cleanly. After flushing with kerosene, clean the centrifugal fan bearing with gasoline again to clean the water in the kerosene, so as to avoid rusting inside the bearing caused by the water.

2. Cleaning after bearing disassembly

When the bearings on the main shaft of the centrifugal fan and in the motor enter the debris such as sand or dust, they must be disassembled for cleaning. After disassembly, soak the centrifugal fan bearing in detergent or warm oil for 3 to 4 hours, then replace it with clean detergent and wash it several times until the contaminants are removed.
Detergents for soaking centrifugal fan bearings mainly refer to pure benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride or kerosene and other solvents that have the ability to dissolve grease. The first three are highly volatile, and pure benzene and gasoline are easy to burn. need to pay attention to safety. When soaking the bearing with warm oil, the oil temperature should be 60~100℃, and a layer of copper wire mesh should be placed in the oil pan to separate the bearing from the bottom of the pan to prevent the bottom contaminants from invading the inside of the bearing.

2)Precautions for cleaning centrifugal fan bearings

1. Use hot oil to scald or immerse the bearing in an oil bath. The temperature of the oil should not exceed 100 °C, so as to avoid tempering of the bearing steel and reduce its hardness.
2. At the beginning of cleaning, do not turn the centrifugal fan main shaft bearing quickly, so as to avoid foreign impurities in the bearing from straining the rolling surface.
3. The bearing cannot be wiped with cotton yarn, but a clean cloth must be used to prevent the thread from entering the inside of the bearing.
4. After the centrifugal fan bearing is washed, do not touch it directly with your hands, because a small amount of sweat on your fingers can also cause the bearing to rust. The better way is to wear gloves, or wrap it in a clean white cloth or paper before handling it by hand.
5. If the bearings that have been cleaned are not used in time, the bearings must be wrapped with oiled paper, and then opened when they are used.
6. The centrifugal fan bearing taken out from the detergent can be freely volatilized, otherwise it should be washed several times with clean thin lubricating oil to wash off the residual detergent.