Many manufacturers are using centrifugal fans for ventilation and dust removal in the workshop. However, because the dust in the workshop will be adsorbed or adhered to the interior of the centrifugal fan due to static electricity, friction, etc., the operation of the centrifugal fan will be increased over time. The load is not good for the service life of the fan and motor, so it should be cleaned regularly. However, the specifications of the centrifugal fans in the factory are generally large, and the general cleaning method cannot completely remove the dust inside the fan. How to clean the centrifugal fan? ?

1. Internal and external cleaning method of centrifugal fan

1. External cleaning of centrifugal fan

The external cleaning requirements of the centrifugal fan are not strict. Usually, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in a non-corrosive neutral detergent. Generally, water and mild soap are selected for general cleaning. Of course, if you need to achieve a thorough cleaning effect in cleaning, a commercially available special cleaner is a good choice.

2. Internal cleaning of centrifugal fan

The cleaning of the interior of the centrifugal fan needs to be disassembled first. After disassembly, most parts are blown one by one with a high-pressure air gun, and individual parts are cleaned with special cleaning agents and methods. Because the internal material of the centrifugal fan is mostly aluminum or stainless steel, if the cleaning agent is used improperly, it is easy to cause corrosion, so the high-pressure air gun for dust with low adsorption capacity can be blown.

3. Internal cleaning steps of centrifugal fan

(1) Disassemble the casing and bearing box and remove the rotor for cleaning, but the fan directly driven by the motor may not be disassembled and cleaned.
(2) The cooling water pipeline of the bearing should be unblocked and the entire system should be tested for pressure. If the test pressure is not specified in the technical documents of the equipment, it should generally not be lower than 4 kgf/cm2.
(3) Clean and check the adjustment mechanism, and its rotation should be flexible.

2. Precautions for disassembly and assembly of centrifugal fan

1. The internal structure of the centrifugal fan is fine, and each fixed bolt should be kept during disassembly, so that the disassembly process is safe and free of dirt, and the parts disassembled in each process are marked to facilitate reassembly and reduce the possibility of errors.
2. When the centrifugal fan is disassembled, the casing and bearing box should be disassembled first. If these two parts are not disassembled first, the overall cleaning of the entire fan cannot be completed.
3. When disassembling and cleaning, it is not allowed to disassemble and clean the part from the direct drive of the motor to the centrifugal fan to prevent the motor from burning out.
4. When the centrifugal fan is assembled after cleaning, the pair of inclined horns should be used and placed on the foundation before assembly.
5. Whether cleaning or assembling the centrifugal fan, the adjustment mechanism of the fan should be tested first to check the flexibility of its rotation.

3. centrifugal fan cleaning precautions

1. The inside of the centrifugal fan cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, because once water drops into the equipment, it will cause adverse effects. If necessary, the cotton cloth can be slightly wet and then wrung out to wipe.
2. When cleaning the oil wall outside the cooling water pipe, acid and alkali can not be used, but hot water can be used to ensure that the oil wall is cleaned.
3. Cleaning of the centrifugal fan body should avoid using detergents with particles, and it is not recommended to use strong corrosive steel balls or scouring pads.
4. Avoid using “chemically corrosive” solutions on metal components (such as hinges, motors, rotors, etc.) that are easily corroded by centrifugal fans.
5. Common soap bubbles, laundry, bleach and decontamination powder are all corrosive to a certain extent. If they come into contact with the centrifugal fan body, even the stainless steel surface will be corroded. After contact, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Sexual cleanliness.
6. After the centrifugal fan is cleaned, wipe the outside and inside of the equipment with a dry rag to keep it dry to prevent the equipment from getting wet.