Centrifugal fans are used in many industries, while some industries choose to use induced draft fans. Many people who are not familiar with fan equipment have difficulty distinguishing between centrifugal fans and induced draft fans. The induced draft fan is the same, so what is the difference between the centrifugal fan and the induced draft fan?

1) Is the centrifugal fan the same as the induced draft fan?

In fact, in the fan industry, centrifugal fans and induced draft fans are two different concepts: in terms of structural characteristics and principles, centrifugal fans are one of many types of ventilation equipment; in terms of their main functions, centrifugal fans are based on different models. It can be used as an induced draft fan or a blower; in addition, other types of fan equipment may also be used as an induced draft fan.

1. Definition of centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan is a machine that relies on mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas. It is a driven fluid mechanical equipment. When the airflow enters the centrifugal fan impeller in the axial direction, it is compressed under the action of centrifugal force and flows in the radial direction. Centrifugal fans are composed of casing, main shaft, impeller, bearing transmission mechanism and motor.

2. Definition of induced draft fan

The induced draft fan is a device that generates negative pressure through the rotation of the impeller, and then extracts air from the system (equipment). It is generally installed at the tail end of the boiler to extract the hot flue gas in the furnace. In daily life, fans are usually divided into induced draft fans (negative pressure use) and air supply fans (positive pressure use) according to the positive and negative pressure use methods. It can be understood that an induced draft fan is a fan that draws gas from other equipment or spaces, and a blower is a fan that sends gas into other equipment or spaces.

2)the difference between centrifugal fan and induced draft fan

Although centrifugal fans can be used as induced draft fans or blowers, centrifugal fans are often used as blowers, which are related to the gas state. Generally, centrifugal fans used for induced draft fans need to face a more complex airflow environment, including gas temperature, Dust concentration, wind pressure requirements, etc.

1. Different gas medium

When the centrifugal fan is used as a blower, it mainly sends normal air into the equipment or space, so the gas medium is not much different from ordinary air;
However, the induced draft fan mainly draws out and discharges complex gases in the equipment or space. These gases may contain a large amount of dust, corrosiveness and high temperature, which is highly adaptable to the material of the induced draft fan. Centrifugal fans are used as induced draft fans. Special body materials are required.

2. Different wind pressure requirements

When the centrifugal fan is used as a blower, the main air pressure is required to be on the air outlet, and the air pressure of the air outlet needs to meet the equipment or space use;
The wind pressure of the induced draft fan is mainly at the air inlet, and the wind pressure of the air inlet should be large enough, otherwise the gas in the equipment or space cannot be extracted in time.