The centrifugal fan uses the motor to drive the rotor to rotate. During this process, the bearing will bear a large dynamic load, so it is necessary to lubricate the bearing regularly, otherwise the bearing will be easily damaged, which will affect the operation of the centrifugal fan. The operating environment of each machine is different, and the type of lubricating oil used is also different. What type of oil should the centrifugal fan add?

1. The type of lubricating oil added to the centrifugal fan

When the centrifugal fan is running, the working temperature of the bearing box is generally 60 to 75 °C. Normally, No. 46 mechanical oil should be used. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to replace it in summer and winter, but if the ambient temperature of the centrifugal fan is very low , it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil with a smaller grade, usually No. 32 mechanical oil. Usually, the lubricating oil level of the centrifugal fan can be added to two-thirds of the oil window.

The larger the grade of lubricating oil, the higher the viscosity. No. 46 oil refers to the viscosity of 46cP at 50°C; No. 32 oil refers to the viscosity of 32cP at 50°C. Some centrifugal fans operate at a very low ambient temperature in winter. If you continue to use No. 46 oil, the viscosity of No. 46 oil will increase due to low temperature, which will increase the operating load of the bearing, which will be detrimental to the operation of the centrifugal fan. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the oil with a higher viscosity. Low 32 oil.

2. Precautions for adding lubricating oil to centrifugal fan

When adding lubricating oil to the centrifugal fan, it should be filled according to the requirements, otherwise it will have a negative effect and affect the service life of the fan. Therefore, when adding lubricating oil, it should also be based on the bearing type, operating speed, load size and operation Environment and other circumstances to choose, the specific precautions are as follows:

1. Pay attention to bearing load

The bearing of the centrifugal fan is generally a radial load bearing, but when the fan is running, it will directly bear the load of both static load and dynamic load. At this time, the greater the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the greater its bearing capacity; when it is in boundary lubrication , the viscosity of the lubricating oil has little effect on improving the degree of lubrication, but its oiliness and pressure resistance need to be guaranteed, so the lubricating oil with better pressure resistance should be selected.

2. Pay attention to the bearing speed

Generally, the faster the rotation speed of the bearing, the more lubricating oil with lower viscosity is needed, and the lubricating oil with higher viscosity should be selected for the relatively low rotational speed, which is conducive to the formation and maintenance of the oil film. The bearing speed of centrifugal fans is generally high, and some can even reach more than 10000r/min, so lubricating oil with lower viscosity should be used.

3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature

The viscosity of lubricating oil will decrease with the increase of temperature, so the centrifugal fan should fully consider the ambient temperature when adding lubricating oil. When the temperature is low, lubricating oil with low viscosity and low freezing point should be selected. However, when the centrifugal fan is frequently started and stopped, causing the bearing temperature to change constantly, in addition to the parameters other than viscosity, the heat preservation of the lubricating oil should also be considered when refueling.

4. Pay attention to the lubrication method of the fan

The lubrication method used by the centrifugal fan is continuous lubrication, so the adhesion of the lubricating oil should be considered when refueling. High viscosity does not mean that the adhesion is also large, and its anti-oxidative stability, anti-rust, anti-foaming and other factors should also be fully considered.