Usually freight forwarding companies can customize import plans according to customer needs and current import conditions to help customers quickly and safely import customs, provide one-stop service of delivery, customs clearance, and delivery, and maximize the reduction of customer import costs.

Analysis of import declaration and clearance plan for Industrial Centrifugal fan:

Do a good job of analysis before importing Centrifugal fan and adopt effective and reasonable plans. More equipment import declaration plans are available for reference.

  • The customer must provide the relevant import documents of the centrifugal fans. The documents are not complete, and the goods cannot be declared when they arrive at the port, resulting in additional storage costs.
  • When the quantity is small, the customs warehouse will receive the goods, provide the contract, packing list, etc. to arrange transportation between China and Hong Kong, and import customs clearance by express.
  • For the import information of the Centrifugal fan, both domestic and foreign parties have provided relevant information. If the documents are not complete, the goods cannot be declared at the port, and additional storage costs will be incurred. Imported fans customs declaration data: contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, fan information (product name, number of pieces, weight, packaging size, value and purpose), etc.

Import customs clearance procedures for fans/blowers:

(This operation procedure is for reference only, and is selected for the case of importing Centrifugal fans in Hong Kong)
Hong Kong warehouse → order making → customs declaration → loading → passing Huanggang port → filing → customs clearance → loading → Shenzhen warehouse → distribution

This is a case about how Centrifugal fans are imported into China.

Each country has different laws and policies regarding the import of a special product of Centrifugal fans. It is necessary for customers to have good communication with freight forwarders to prevent problems such as failure to clear customs.

Freight forwarding agent familiar with customs policies and regulations, and import port operation procedures, help customers to procedure for clearance of imported Centrifugal fans from port.