Centrifugal blowers are a kind of ventilation equipment necessary for many industries, but in the process of long-term use, they often encounter the problem of oil leakage, sometimes in the bearing part of the centrifugal fan, and sometimes in the casing, What is the reason for the oil leakage of the centrifugal fan?

1)Reasons for oil leakage of centrifugal fans

Different parts of the centrifugal fan have different oil leakage, and the specific reasons are also different. Generally speaking, oil leakage occurs at the oil discharge port, which may be caused by the position of the oil tank being too high, and the wear of the seal will cause oil leakage at the shaft end. Clogged vents on the plate and fuel tank can also cause oil to leak into the case, all of which require careful inspection to determine. As for the oil leakage in the bearing seat, there are two main reasons:

1. When the centrifugal fan is running, there is a positive pressure area between the impeller side bearing seat and the impeller, and the wind will blow into the bearing chamber from the gap outside the casing and the shaft sleeve to bring out the lubricating oil.

2. There is a design defect in the shaft sleeve between the bearing seat on the impeller side of the centrifugal fan and the impeller, and the phenomenon of looseness will occur in long-term operation. The collision and friction between the shaft sleeve and the shaft cause the clearance to be too large. At this time, the wind enters the bearing chamber from this gap and lubricates The oil was brought out and increased to speed up the leakage.

2)the method to solve the oil leakage of centrifugal fan

1. When the centrifugal vent is blocked and the oil leaks into the casing, it is necessary to dredge the vent of the dust removal fan, and install a cock with an aperture in the middle cavity.

2. If the oil tank level of the centrifugal fan is high, the oil level can be appropriately lowered to avoid oil leakage from the oil outlet.

3. The centrifugal fan seal is worn, causing oil leakage at the shaft end, and the equipment seal needs to be replaced.

4. When there is an oil leakage problem in the bearing seat of the centrifugal fan, it can be transformed by adding a negative pressure device. The negative pressure oil pumping device can be sucked into the fan inlet air duct, which can solve the problem of lubricating oil leakage contaminating the fan bearing seat and the ground.

5. In the face of the design defects of the bearing seat on the impeller side of the centrifugal fan and the shaft sleeve of the impeller part, the problem of loose shaft sleeve can be solved by injecting glue into the gap between the shaft sleeve and the shaft with high pressure glue. The method of changing the wind direction by adding a guide ring to the outer ring of the shaft sleeve eliminates the oil leakage of the centrifugal fan bearing.