As a large ventilation equipment, the main principle of operation of centrifugal fan is the conversion of various kinetic energy, but this leads to certain vibration of the fan. In order to reduce vibration, a shock absorber is usually set at the bottom of the centrifugal fan. and other anti-vibration measures.

1. Shock absorbers commonly used in centrifugal fans

The common shock absorbers of centrifugal fans are mostly spring shock absorbers, which are mainly suitable for anti-vibration of pipelines and equipment. The failure of the spring shock absorber is very low, it has a wider range of use, stronger oil resistance and corrosion resistance, and is more suitable for fans and the surrounding environment. Usually, the operating temperature is -40°C to 110°C, and temperature changes affect the use. Performance, not easy to aging, creep.

2. Installation method diagram of centrifugal fan shock absorber

1. When installing the centrifugal fan, it can be placed on the wooden platform of the same height as the shock absorber;

2. Adjust the spring shock absorber bolt to the lower limit, so that the shock absorber can be placed in the installation position for easy installation;

3. Put the spring shock absorber into the installation position of the equipment fulcrum;

4. Fix the fixing bolts on the base, but do not lock them;

5. Use an open-end wrench to adjust the adjusting bolt clockwise until the temporary wooden platform can be taken out;

6. After locking the fixing bolts, the installation of the spring shock absorber is completed.

3. Precautions for installation of centrifugal fan shock absorber

1. The centrifugal fan shock absorbers should be symmetrically arranged according to the central axis of the fan. The arrangement of the shock absorbers can be clockwise or counterclockwise.

2. When the centrifugal fan shock absorber has six installation points, four of them are arranged at the four corners of the inertia block or section steel frame, and the other two should be installed on the long side line, and their positions should be adjusted to make the compression deformation of the shock absorber. Keep the amount as consistent as possible.

3. When the damping spring vibration isolator is installed on the centrifugal fan, the shock absorber should be fixed with a connecting nut with the ground, the inertia block or the steel frame.

4. If it is installed on the vertical fan unit vibration isolator, under the fan unit base, the profiled steel base should be set up and installed by anchoring; bolts (with spring washers) should be used between the profiled steel base and the shock absorber. Anchor bolts are arranged on the ground or floor, and the shock absorber is fixed on the ground or floor through the anchor bolts.

5. The edge of the centrifugal fan shock absorber shall not exceed the edge of the inertia block; the supporting area of ​​the steel frame shall not be less than the area of ​​the shock absorber.

6. The centrifugal fan shock absorber should avoid contact with substances such as acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

7. Before construction and installation, it should be checked in time. During installation, the static compression deformation of the shock absorber should not exceed the upper limit of the allowable value. If the compression deformation exceeds the limit, the shock absorber will be damaged and the shock absorption effect will be lost.