Usually industrial production needs to use centrifugal fans to suck the dust in the production equipment or production workshop into the industrial dust removal equipment to collect the dust and discharge the gas that meets the standard, but the actual situation is that with the increase of the use time, the suction of the centrifugal fan will appear. Insufficient, which in turn affects the production and emissions of enterprises.

1. Reasons for insufficient suction of centrifugal fans


1. The pipeline is blocked

Industrial dust removal equipment mainly relies on the filter element to trap the dust in the gas. When more and more dust accumulates in the pipeline, the space of the induced draft duct will gradually decrease, resulting in an increase in the required centrifugal fan pressure, while the normal operating centrifugal fan pressure If it cannot be satisfied, it will cause insufficient suction. In addition, when too much dust accumulates on the dust filter element and the resistance is too large, it will also cause insufficient suction of the fan.

2. Sealing air leakage

During the air induction process of the centrifugal fan, the sealing requirements in the whole system are very strict. If there is air leakage, the air induction range of the fan will be widened, and it is difficult for the normal operating pressure to absorb all the dust in the suction port to the dust removal. In the equipment, the phenomenon of insufficient suction is shown.

3. The dust filter is worn

If the filter element of the dust removal equipment is used for a period of time, if it is not properly maintained, it is prone to wear and leakage, which will lead to the adsorption of a large amount of dust on the blades of the centrifugal fan, increase the fan load, and the motor efficiency is insufficient, resulting in insufficient suction.

4. Improper selection

In the entire dust removal system, the centrifugal fan will generally have enough surplus when selecting the model, so as to avoid insufficient suction caused by small loads, but many companies often reduce this surplus in order to save money, then once the entire system is When the load increases, it is inevitable that the suction of the fan will be insufficient.

2.the solution to the insufficient suction of the centrifugal fan


1. Regular cleaning

The dust removal work in the dust removal system should be carried out in time to prevent the accumulation of dust on the filter element, reduce the resistance, and restore the suction of the centrifugal fan. In addition, regular cleaning of centrifugal fans and pipes can also prevent pipe blockages and increased load, and avoid insufficient suction.

2. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the sealing condition can also prevent insufficient suction of the centrifugal fan. The sealing material in many parts is prone to accelerated aging after alternating cold and heat, so regular replacement can avoid air leakage at the seal; other parts need to be repaired regularly.

3. Correct installation

When the centrifugal fan is installed, if the adjusting door is reversely installed, or the matching gap is too large, the performance of the fan will directly decrease, so it must be installed correctly, and the form and design of the pipeline will also affect the performance of the fan, not only to meet the discharge pressure of the gas , but also to meet the induced air pressure, if the pipeline is too long, the suction of the centrifugal fan may not be able to reach.

4. Correct selection

When choosing the specifications of the centrifugal fan, the first is to ensure a certain amount of surplus, and then consider the price. At the same time, in terms of motor selection, high-power motors should also be selected as far as possible. If variable frequency control is required, a variable frequency motor should be selected and a suitable inverter should be installed. For the selection of centrifugal fan inverters, click How to choose inverters for centrifugal fans ? Select Principles and Methods to review.