Stability is one of the important reference standards for centrifugal fans used in most industries, so most centrifugal fan manufacturers are using various methods to mention the stability of fans, and the main component that determines the stability of fans is the impeller, which is commonly used. The treatment method is sandblasting.

1. Sandblasting of centrifugal fan impeller

Before spraying and spraying the protective layer on the surface of the impeller of the centrifugal fan, the surface is usually pretreated. The common methods of pretreatment include solvent cleaning, pickling, hand tool cleaning and power tool cleaning. The stress in the impeller needs to be treated by heat treatment, artificial percussion, vibration aging, natural aging or surface sandblasting.

The principle of sandblasting of centrifugal fans is to use compressed air to hit high-speed hard particles on the surface of the impeller, so that the outer surface of the impeller changes. Due to the impact and cutting action of the abrasive and its surface, the impeller can be well removed. The oxide layer and rust on the surface make the surface obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, so as to improve the mechanical performance and fatigue resistance of the impeller, and at the same time eliminate bad stress, increase the adhesion of the surface coating, and prolong the coating film. Durability.

2.the advantages of centrifugal fan impeller sandblasting


1. Improve the cleaning efficiency of the impeller surface

Sandblasting can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency of the centrifugal fan impeller surface before painting, while reducing the difficulty of cleaning, and has the characteristics of less pollution and high efficiency. Compared with sandblasting, the traditional manual brushing and abrasive cloth grinding methods are less efficient, and are not suitable for large-area and large-scale operations.

2. Effectively eliminate the internal stress of the impeller

The variable load stress caused by sandblasting can cause plastic deformation in the weld area of ​​the fan impeller, so as to effectively eliminate the welding stress and improve the strength and rigidity of the impeller. For impellers made of carbon steel and stainless steel, the stress relief effect of sandblasting is very good, and the treatment process is simple, low cost and short time.

3. Improve the reliability of impeller operation

Through sandblasting, the surface quality of the windward surface of the impeller blade of the centrifugal fan can be improved, and the blade surface of different roughness can be obtained. The impeller with a good surface can stabilize the airflow, reduce noise, reduce the impeller swing, and make the centrifugal fan run more smoothly, which is one of the effective technological measures to ensure the energy-saving and efficient operation of the fan.

4. Reduce the cost of impeller maintenance

The strengthening effect of sandblasting can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of components such as impellers, prolong the service life, and reduce the maintenance cost of users. During the operation of the centrifugal fan, severe vibrations are often caused by the corrosion of the impeller surface, blade wear, and fouling and scaling. Sandblasting can be used to clean and strengthen the surface more comprehensively and effectively, thereby improving the durability of the impeller in harsh operating environments. degree.