When we purchase high-temperature centrifugal fans, one of the most concerned issues is the working efficiency of this high-temperature centrifugal fan. The working efficiency of centrifugal fans is related to the production cost of the enterprise, which shows its importance.

Operation steps for high temperature centrifugal fan to improve efficiency:

1. Start the high temperature fan

When the high-temperature fan fails to start, or the startup time is too long, there may be some problems in the fan, for example, the motor cannot be driven normally, or the rated power of the motor is too low. At this time, it is necessary to replace the appropriate motor.

In addition, there may be friction or obstructions on the rotor, causing it to seize. Therefore, it is necessary to check the rotor and find out the specific reasons to effectively solve it. In this way, the fan can be started normally and the faults can be reduced.

2. The impeller of the high temperature fan

Sometimes it is found that the impeller of the high-temperature fan is consuming energy, but it does not benefit the entire fan. Therefore, at this time, checks should be made between the front cover of the fan, the current collector, the casing and the shaft, so as to solve the problem and ensure the reliability of the high-temperature fan operation.

3. Vibration problem of high temperature fan

During use, vibration problems are prone to occur, so it should be avoided. If it occurs, it must be effectively solved, such as appropriately reducing the fan speed, and other measures.