The advantages of centrifugal fans over ordinary fans


1. The ventilation effect is good, and it is very suitable for use in duct ventilation or air supply.


2. Strong applicability. It is a fan commonly used in pipelines to convey air. It can be used in places without corrosion, flammable and explosive gases.


3. The noise is low. According to the air flow mechanics, the reasonable impeller angle is designed. During operation, there is no mechanical friction, and the noise is reduced to the lowest due to the reasonable blade shape.


4. The operation is stable, the optimized design of the impeller reduces the axial force to the lowest level, and there is a high-efficiency impeller, which is corrected by static and dynamic balance, so that the whole machine runs smoothly. Without any vibration reduction device, The bearing vibration amplitude is relatively small.


5. Less maintenance, because the impeller adopts backward tilting type, which is not easy to adhere to dust and other media, and the motor adopts imported bearings.


6. Easy maintenance, some models can be equipped with a cleaning door, no need to disassemble the machine for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort. Sturdy and durable, the casing and impeller are made of high-quality steel plates, which makes the fan stronger. The surface of the whole machine is sprayed, which has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to be rusted.