Fan is the customary abbreviation for gas compression and gas conveying machinery in my country. Usually, fans include ventilators, blowers, compressors and Roots blowers, but do not include positive displacement blowers and compressors such as piston compressors. The centrifugal fan is a machine that converts the rotating mechanical energy into gas pressure energy and kinetic energy through gas compression and gas delivery machinery, and transports the gas out. As an experienced high-temperature fan manufacturer, many users have been using centrifugal fans for a long time recently, and some problems will gradually be exposed, especially the tripping phenomenon of centrifugal fans. Sometimes this problem happens very frequently. Solving the phenomenon of centrifugal fan tripping is a problem that users and the fan itself are very concerned about. Next, the editor will introduce the reasons for the tripping of the centrifugal fan to the majority of users.

Reasons for tripping of the centrifugal fan:

1, the dust collector pipeline is relatively short, the valve is closed (actually a butterfly valve, it cannot be closed), but the resulting system resistance is insufficient Causing the centrifugal fan motor to trip.

2. Because the pipeline is too long, the valve is not closed, but the resistance is still higher than the resistance that the fan can withstand, so it trips; the electrical reason causes the fan to trip; the mechanical reason causes the fan to trip; it is not fully opened The fan damper will cause tripping; the cross-section of the air duct at the outlet of the high-temperature smoke exhaust fan is too large, which will cause the shaft power required by the fan to be too high, the motor load will be overloaded, and the current will exceed the rated value.

3. Because the starting current of the centrifugal fan is too large, it is recommended to use a step-down start for high-power centrifugal fans to solve the problem of excessive starting current; the impeller of the fan is also heavy, and the motor cannot be fully driven in many cases.

4. The fan load is too large, especially the centrifugal fan. When designing the ventilation duct, some external factors lead to many elbows and extension of the duct, resulting in excessive fan load. At this time, the duct can be installed Adjust the air inlet or air outlet regulating valve to a small size.

5. The switching capacity of the control electric box is small, or the setting value of the thermal protector is too small, resulting in unreasonable operation.

6. The impeller of industrial centrifugal fan rotates in the opposite direction, and the correct direction of rotation of the impeller must be adjusted in time; because the impeller is inside and the volute of the fan outside is blocked, the turning of the impeller cannot be seen. When starting, we will start it first to see if the direction of rotation of the fan is correct, and to confirm that the direction of rotation of the fan is correct.

7. Poor contact of the incoming line of the control cabinet or phase loss caused by the same phase; although many control cabinets have phase loss protection, the quality of the control cabinets is uneven, and sometimes customers do not Know the standards and requirements of electric cabinets.

8. The performance of the fan control box accessories is poor, or the line where the lead wire is connected to the fan is poorly contacted, causing a phase loss.