Significance of centrifugal fan model: It consists of basic model and supplementary model.


If the basic models of the fans are the same, but the purposes are different, symbols such as “G” or “Y” are added before the basic models for the convenience of distinction.


“G” means the blower (blower); “Y” means the induced fan.


The supplementary model number consists of two digits.


For example 4-72No.8C/22KW-4 left 45°


4-72: 4-72 centrifugal fan, 4-total pressure coefficient, 72-specific speed


No.8: machine number


C: belt drive


Pa: wind pressure unit (Pa)


m³/h: air volume unit (cubic meters per hour)


22KW: motor power


Y180l-4: Type 180 motor base, 4-stage motor


1600r/min: fan speed


Left: Fan rotation direction


45°: Air outlet angle


20°C: Operating temperature