Please read the manual carefully before installation and use.

1: The inlet temperature of the A-type fan should not exceed 60 °C, and the operating temperature of the non-high temperature fan should not exceed 250 °C. When the intake air temperature exceeds 80°C, the bearing housing must be cooled by water.

2: When the machine is shut down during the freezing period in winter, the cooling water in the bearing box must be drained to prevent the bearing box from freezing and cracking.

3: There is no lubricating oil in the bearing box of the new fan from the factory. Before the fan runs, lubricating oil must be added. The lubricating oil is 30# engine oil or 220# gear oil. The amount added is based on the center of the oil mirror or slightly higher than 5mm, neither too little nor too much. Bearings are burnt out due to lack of oil, and no warranty is given.

4: Please replace the lubricating oil after the new fan is used for 15 days, and then replace it every six months or so.

5: When the fan is in use, the current must be strictly controlled to prevent overcurrent from burning the motor. When the boiler induced draft fan is being tested in a cold state, the damper must be closed to start, and the damper must be opened slowly to ensure that the motor does not exceed the current for trial operation.

6: The high-voltage fan is prone to overcurrent, so special attention should be paid when testing the machine! The pipes must be connected well to ensure trial operation without exceeding the air volume. Strictly observe the current of the motor to prevent the motor from being burned by the excess current.

7: When the fan transports dusty gas, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is dust on the impeller blades. The vibration of the fan after a period of use is mostly caused by the accumulation of dust on the impeller. Please clean up the dust on the impeller immediately. When cleaning, all parts must be cleaned, otherwise the vibration will be aggravated.

8: C-type belt drive fan, after using for a period of time, the belt must be checked and adjusted for tightness; D-type coupling needs to regularly check the use of the rubber pad, and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

9: The fan is controlled by a frequency converter, and it is recommended to use a frequency conversion motor. When equipped with ordinary motor, it is forbidden to use the frequency lower than 42HZ for a long time.

10: When the motor is used, it will be burnt due to overload and overcurrent, phase loss, and will not be guaranteed.